Tech Meetups: Ideas for your next Meetup


Remember that Tech Meetups needn’t be all speakers and showing-off (though that’s definitely a tried-and-true format). While more structured Meetups are a great way to cover a lot in one night, it’s often a good idea to schedule occasional Meetups for members to talk, network, have a drink, and generally take a load off, just like the Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup and Philly Tech Meetup did last month.

When organizing a social Tech Meetup:

  • Use your tech chops to make the most of your Meetup. Beforehand, start conversations in your Meetup around what people are working on/interested in. At the Meetup itself, try out apps like Sonar for connecting with folk once you’re through the door.
  • Get a good deal. Call ahead to the venue so they know you’ll be coming. If you’re bringing a large group of people, you might even be able to work out a discount on food or drinks for attendees.
  • Throw down the gauntlet. Challenge your members to meet five new people they can then say hi to at the next Meetup.

  Duncan covers everything from Arduinos to zettabytes as Meetup’s Tech Community Specialist. Get the full story on Tech Meetups here.

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