Lunch and Learn – Aug 17, 2012: Learn how to go from Overwhelmed to “Mission Accomplished!”

Join BarCamp Sarasota and Shauna Vee, GoodBiz Choice

Admit it. You have projects that have been sitting half-done for weeks, months or even years …and you still don’t know when you can get to them.

If your projects got done – even one of them! – would you make more money? Would you have more free time, less stress, be able to take that vacation, feel more confident about the future?

Small business owners have so much on their plate that they often put their most important projects on the shelf.

Shauna will share what you need to do NOW to get the important things DONE.

  • Focused, clear, properly-sequenced action steps
  • Realistic timelines
  • Confidence that your team (even if it’s just you) is queued up for success

Turn overwhelm into a step-by-step achievable goal so you – the business owner – focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business.It’s time to let your business soar!

Shauna Vee, owner of GoodBizChoice Corp, has distilled 20+ years of successful Fortune 100 consulting into a step-by-step process that gives entrepreneurs and small business owners greater freedom and more success in their businesses.

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