Six ways you can help Hurricane Sandy’s victims.

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A FREE Workshop From the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

In conjunction with USF Sarasota/Manatee, Manasota SCORE will be hosting a seminar presented by Craig Morris, an attorney with the US Patent and Trademark Office dealing with small business and copyrights, trademarks and patents.  

The event is co-sponsored by Manasota SCORE and USF Sarasota/Manatee.  The event is free. Light refreshments will be served, with the conference starting at 9 am at the Shelby Auditorium on the USF Sarasota/Manatee campus. This will be an excellent program and we are fortunate to have Mr. Morris lending his knowledge to our community.


Wednesday, November 7 – 9:00 am to Noon

USF Selby Auditorium, 8350 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

Refreshments available at 9:00am •  Presentation from 9:30 to 11:00 plus Q&A.


• Difference between trademarks, copyrights and patents, as well as domain names 

and business name registrations

• The importance of selecting a strong mark (both federally and legally protectable)

• Other important factors when choosing a mark

• Potential grounds for the USPTO to refuse registration

• What to do in case of a “cease-and-desist” letter

• How to find an attorney, and the distinction between what the USPTO does in the 

federal registration process and what a private attorney can do

• How to avoid scams perpetuated by companies that request fees for services not 

required by the USPTO

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Startup Chicks was founded in February 2009 and now with over…

Startup Chicks was founded in February 2009 and now with over 1000 members worldwide.

Jen Bonnett, 6 time serial entrepreneur and StartUpChicks Founder will share the challenges facing women and the opportunities created as we purpose to develop “our” entrepreneurial community.

“The statistics are promising as there are 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the US currently, and in the next five years, over half of all small business jobs will be created from women-owned businesses.” Forbes- 4 Advantages of Being a Female Entrepreneur

Don’t miss this opportunity to join with countries across six continents for this Global Entrepreneurship Week event. Be a part of an initiative to inspire women to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big. Turn ideas into reality. To make their mark.

Pre-Register at:  Tickets are $30, $35 at the door.

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Achieve the Incredible

What does it mean to Achieve the Incredible? It means many different things to many different people. We all know someone who has achieved the incredible in the past year. Someone that when they come to mind you think ‘wow, what they’ve done is nothing short of amazing!’

And it can be anything. Something achieved personally or professionally in the past year. There are no requirements other than that.

Please encourage them to share their story on our Achieve the Incredible page (or do it for them!) and if possible include some images representing their achievement.

Help recognize their bravery and determination to make it to the other side. Show them it’s been noticed and there are people proud of them.
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