How Google Went From Search Engine To Content Destination

How Google Went From Search Engine To Content Destination:


Danny Sullivan breaks down the current state of Google and how we got here. (This is about a month old, but I’ve been catching up on some reading, and it’s very good.)

Sullivan attempts to succinctly define Google:

Google is a search engine and a social network and a mobile operating system and mobile phones called Nexus and a tablet called Nexus and a place you can buy content like books and games and videos called Google Play and a travel guide and a restaurant guide and a place you can write blog posts and a place you can watch videos on YouTube and a web browser and a way to place ads all over the web and where you can get offers or you can use your phone as a credit card and much more.

While Sullivan is clearly being a bit facetious here, this statement is telling. Google is rubbing some people the wrong way because they’re trying to do everything and stomping on lots of toes along the way.

This is also fascinating:

Android beats or is a close rival to Apple’s iOS marketshare, depending on the stats you look at. Google no longer needs to to fear Apple cutting it off. That’s good, because now Apple IS cutting it off, something Apple probably wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for Google being so fearful of Apple that it developed a rival to Apple’s mobile platform.

In other words, Apple is now cutting off Google because of the steps Google took to ensure that it wouldn’t matter if Apple cut them off. The prophecy has been self-fulfilled.

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