Social Media for Noobs: Why I am not using Buffer


Well I suppose I need to show you the site

What is Buffer anyway? At first glance it looks like it is a cross between Evernote and some sort of scheduler.

Well right now I am trying to create my own Buffer account. And it tells me to enter an email address… but it doesn’t give me a place to do so! Argh. I guess I’ll sign in to it using my LinkedIn account then…

I’m using Chrome as my browser. There is apparently a Chrome addon for Buffer:

After that it suggests a post? You know, I went through this a few months ago. Not sure where to go from here. Now I remember why I didn’t use this in the first place then… Ok, off to do some research!

Ok it says I can put more than one account on this thing, so in the settings I hook up BarCamp Sarasota’s Twitter.

Next, I log out of BCSRQ’s Twitter and log into my personal one (@WebEvie). Yeah it won’t let me. I go to the ‘Twiiter Guide’ they provide. If I can’t hook up more than one Twitter account then Buffer is going to pretty much be useless to me.

Now I’m beginning to get frustrated. 

Let me give you a little bit of background. I have been using computers for over 25 years more or less. I have a degree in Computer Science. The REASON I went into CompSci is because I was able to run applications with no instructions. I didn’t have to look anything up and I didn’t have to research it. 

Fast forward to now. I have Buffer. I’ve connected BCSRQ’s Twitter. When I attempt to connect my own, it just acts like I haven’t done a thing. But I looked up ‘Multiple Accounts… Twitter (blah blah blah)’ and it tells me I can do this! 

OoOOOOOh. Nevermind. They want me to pay them $10 a month to use the service. But instead of giving me a popup or a redirect to a new page, they show me some sort of div extension that I didn’t readily connect with what I was tryinhg to do. No thanks!

It’s not that I don’t have the funding to do so… well … that is it. The Twitter accounts I handle are for BarCamp (non-profit) and TEDxSarasota (non-profit). I also handle a very small client (30 followers) so right now, it isn’t worth it to me to spend $120 a year out of my own pocket.

SO. Until I can make it cost-effective to do so, I will not be going any further with this ‘How To’ guide. (I even had to change the title from ‘How to Use Buffer’!) My apologies!

So, my next blog post will be on finding a good scheduler I suppose!

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