the likely coming arrival of the closed internet


The internet seems like its an open platform that is wide and free, and in some ways it is. Not to the degree that everybody thinks it is, by any means, but its a lot better than the other information delivery platforms in this context to date.

Things people would have never been able to know or see, filtered by the media, governments, etc., are pretty widely available. It’s brought justice to the world, solved problems, saved people and animals and life of all kinds, a lot of things.

We would never have likely seen or known of these things, and moreso been able to do anything about it, if the internet platform didn’t exist. For example, did you know that most of our country’s forests are gone? Or that things in our food supply would put someone in jail in other countries if used in food there? That’s the kind of stuff that without a huge effort in the past wouldn’t have likely been heard about or learned, leading to the option/opportunity to do something about it as many are.

This isn’t going to stay that way, because the internet is ultimately a corporate platform owned by corporations, and it’s not free because you pay for it to access, you’re data and information is sold for what you do get for free, and everyone’s given brands (corporations) a larger foothold and control than they ever have.

That’s not really freedom, or free. But, we are in a relatively unique time where information is flowing freer than ever before. This too will likely soon change as the internet platform becomes the dominant delivery platform for information. The more corporations and various groups, governments, etc. see this shift, you can be sure the more the clamp will come down (or try to) on what happens and doesn’t with the platform, as it has with every platform in existence to date. It’s already happening and will likely to continue to. Six to ten years, depending. 

Before it happens, you can be sure that many legacy industries beyond the platform will be disrupted entirely due to consumers having knowledge they never had access to in the past. It’s going to be a fascinating future ahead.

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