3 Important Ways to Prepare for 2014

“New Year’s Day is nearly here again and offers the promise of great things to come. Since it falls on a Wednesday the business week won’t likely get started until next Monday, which gives you a few days extra to get ready for the 2014 adventure ahead.”
Source: http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/three-important-ways-to-prepare-for-2014.html?cid=sf01002
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Ilya Strebulaev: Are Angel Investors the New Disruptors? | Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Thanks in part to the plunging cost of technology, angels have enjoyed a growing competitive advantage in funding very early stage companies. That’s because the capital required for a tech startup today is often a fraction of what it was 10 or 15 years ago. Using open-source software and cloud computing, for example, a startup that might have once required $5 million to get off the ground can often do it for $500,000 today.”
Source: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/news/headlines/ilya-strebulaev-are-angel-investors-new-disruptors
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Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

“What I’m starting to realize, however, is that when it comes to actually getting things done and making progress in the areas that are important to you, there is a much better way to do things.It all comes down to the difference between goals and systems.”

What do you think? Would you recommend this paradigm shift?
Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230333
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These Are the 10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America

“Last–but in no way least–we have #Sarasota, which was the exact opposite of last in a couple of key categories, namely live music and nightlife where it placed first overall. The latter category is bolstered by more than a hundred bars, including Cock & Bull and Shakespeare’s, and nightclubs the likes of Ivory Lounge.Active life options was another standout at seventh overall, helped in no small way by numerous beaches, while its ninth place finish in non-fast food eateries was thanks to places like Amish (yes, Amish) restaurant Yoder’s and the Cuban fare at Columbia. Just don’t to see as many 20-34-year-olds in these places; the city placed 88th overall for that criterion.”
Source: http://www.movoto.com/blog/top-ten/most-exciting-small-cities/
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