BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton DaVinci’s Faire 2014

DaVinci in YouApril 12th & 13th (Sat & Sun). Join us for “DaVinci’s Faire” – a weekend of learning, wonder, and amazement! You haven’t seen anything yet!

With plenty of room at our terrific new state-of-the-art MTI facility, we are excited to offer our community another way to share and better represent you and your interests.

This year as we prepare for our ninth “UnConference” event, in addition to the great content you – our attendees – bring each year, we have added some new components. Dubbed by one of our partners a “DaVinci Faire,” we have invited our Makers, Inventors, and Robotic enthusiasts to bring their projects. Additionally, a local Board Gamers group will be joining us with some of the latest and greatest games to experience.

DaVinci CreativityBarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton’s conference events are FREE* and OPEN TO EVERYONE with the desire to learn in an open, engaging environment. We operate in an open forum format where attendees are encouraged to be active participants and share their ideas. Let your interests guide you! Bring your ideas to share, whether by signing up to discuss an area of expertise, demonstrating your project, becoming part of a panel discussion, or taking part in engaging conversations with other like-minded people.

BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton can be described in three words: Share – Learn – Grow. Every attendee – no matter how old or young – has a story and an expertise. Come prepared to learn and share as we all grow together. Register today … and don’t even think of missing the fun.

The culinary staff at MTI will have refreshments in the AM and lots of coffee ALL DAY as well as an incredible lunch. Saturday Join us for After Hours at the new Motor Works Brewery.


Makers and Inventors and Robotics teams register for a table to share your “creations from.”

Doors open at 8:15 each morning, with Board Rush for speaker sign-up at 8:40. Event opens at 9:30.

Find more information on

While you’re in town, don’t miss the DaVinci Machines Exhibition in Bradenton! This exhibit is the real deal – from the Leonardo DaVinci Museum in Florence Italy. (all DaVinci images used by permission from the DaVinci Machines Exhibition)

* As long as you pre-register – otherwise it is $10 at the door

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