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thisistheverge: Plastc wants to replace your entire wallet with…


Plastc wants to replace your entire wallet with a single card

You can put your wallet on top of an included charging mat to charge up Plastc overnight. (But if you don’t, it lasts 30 days on a charge.) And like Coin, Plastc includes various security measures, like a PIN code you must enter on its E-ink screen, and a requirement that you can only add cards with your name on them, which makes it more difficult to use for card skimming. And then there’s Plastc’s “remote wipe” mode, which can wipe your card when it’s lost, and the ability to show live card balances on its E-ink screen so you can check before you pay. 

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Discovering The Brain’s GPS Earns Three A Nobel



by Michael Keller

Three neuroscientists who uncovered how the brain understands where the body is in space have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, judges announced today. 

“How do we know where we are? How can we find the way from one place to another?” wrote the Nobel Assembly in making the announcement. “This year´s Nobel Laureates have discovered a positioning system, an ‘inner GPS’ in the brain that makes it possible to orient ourselves.”

Half of the prize went to John O’Keefe, an American and British citizen who is now the head of University College London’s Sainsbury Wellcome Center in Neural Circuits and Behavior. In 1971, O’Keefe found that certain neurons in a rat’s brain activated when the animal was in one location. When it moved somewhere else, other cells lit up. O’Keefe proposed that this activity engendered a sense of place and develop into a map of the external world. Furthermore, the collection of different “place cell” activations for a particular environment could be saved to remember a particular place later.

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